Holistic therapist, Reiki master

Ma Antar Kiya is my sannyas name and means inner master.

I am Greek and I grew up in Montreal, Canada until the age of 14. I have been studying psychological counseling, child psychology for two years, dramatherapy and play therapy. However, because my intention to offer an integrated treatment process was not satisfied with the above studies, I turned further into energy-transcendental therapeutic approaches.

So, I have been trained in trance treatment at the University of Integrated Science California (UISCA).

I also studied and trained in alternative treatments at Osho Multiversity in India. Especially in Transomatic Dialogue, Reiki, Pulsation, Breathing Chakras. Through my travels to India, Costa Rica and Europe, but also to my encounter with Shaman-teachers from all over the world, I enchanted shamanic techniques. Thus, in individual sessions and depending on the situation, treatment with crystals, Reiki therapy, tachyon therapy, counseling psychology, etc., as well as combinations thereof are applied.

In two-day Reiki Groups, Usui Reiki is given first and second grade initiations. In group meditations we will share contact with the atmosphere, bringing back to our life something of its so much needed “magic”. You can also participate in seminars, such as goals such as achievement, emotion management and more …

My personal experience

After years of meditation – I have focused on meditation and used it as a life tool for the past 20 years – I have discovered that all healing methods are based on meditation and meditation only: through observation, we remain in our self, in our truth, in our heart, in a natural and simple way.

This integrity, this ‘purity’ of existence, is a basic prerequisite for us to connect to others as if they were clear mirrors: seeing and loving what We Are, we start to also see and love others for what They Are. And because the more we share, the deeper we are healed, we become aware of what we really are: friends on the road to the discovery of ourselves, of our love and our freedom. And so we draw into our lives, into our world, a new kind of energy, a conscious energy, free of convictions and programming, truly responsible, free.


Daring to be ‘women’, daring to be ‘men’, meeting with the other sex with awareness, love, freedom and respect.


On this journey there are important healing methods. “Tools” that are available to everybody: reiki, tachyon, transomatic dialogue, crystals, applied means in the deeply therapeutic and transformative area of meditation, can truly offer us vital help on the road towards the discovery of our self.