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My dear brothers… my dear friends, infinite… gratitude for the realization of my book, after years of thinking. It is truly a great privilege, to be a part and to witness the changes, the enormous transcendence, life in all her luminous expansion and in her own consciousness that she is, good, wonderful, and very holy, now and always, endless joy in all creation, good morning to you all…

A book from hibiscus publications – a personal story about the power of love, faith in life and love. But also for the first meeting with cancer and faith to earn the right to be able to dream of being in the world. Kalliopi Arkalis unfolds her personal journey and the knowledge she gained from it, as a lesson in self-awareness for all of us.
“Perhaps what Ginny taught me, what Ginny teaches us with her happy example, what I want to talk about with my – maybe not always so happy example – is that the greatest value to all existence and what heals creatures and the world they inhabit is love. The truth in everything. It’s loyalty, it’s sharing, it’s devotion. It is the smoke that remains when the Genie returns to his lamp.”

If you are interested, you can find it in bookstores now. You can also private message me in inbox.