Detox Retreats Workshops

Detox Retreats Seminars (January 19-21, 2024)

One of the best gifts you can give yourself✨

The detox juices are the result of 15 years of knowledge of Kalliopi Karolina Arkali depending on which material/ingredient matches the other to achieve the optimal synergistic combination of treatment and assimilation of the juices by the body .

Carolina charges and energetically cleans the juices, sets a collective and individual intention for each person treated in the group according to each one.

The products are exclusively seasonal, organically selected vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and super foods.

Fruit, vegetable juices and of course Superfoods contribute to the cleansing, regeneration, well-being and strengthening of our body. They are also supportive for people who are in recovery or feel that they have low energy and vitality. Thus, depending on the needs, everyone receives special juices.

The value of detoxification is great, if you consider the consequence of an excessive concentration of toxins in the body due to an intense lifestyle.

It will be a wonderful experience of purification, observation and sharing in nature and next to the sea 🌸💥✨💫🌞🌞🙏

10 reasons for Conscious Detox

1. Freeing the body from toxins
2. Prevention of chronic diseases
3. Improving the function of the immune system
4. Weight loss
5. Avoid premature aging
6. Improving the quality of life
7. Increase energy
8. Improving skin quality
9. Gaining mental and emotional clarity.
10. Restoration of balance in body systems

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