1st Package:

5 days Organic Fruit & Vegetable Juice Detox

5 Electro Acupuncture Massages

From a total of 700€ regular price, this package is only offered for 530€!


2nd Package:

For 3 months, this package includes:


6 Energy therapies + counseling psychology (2/month)

6 Electro Acupuncture Massages (2/month)

3 Reiki sessions

2 sessions of Sensitive Imago Diagnostic preventions


FREE 2 group meditation sessions!


From over 1.000€ as the regular price with each session being separate,

this package is offered only at 790 €! (+ Optional 1 day Organic Juice Fasting Detox total 870€)

Payment is also possible in 4 installments of 197.5€/month (217.5€ with Juice Detox)!


3rd Package:

5 Skype sessions for Connection with the True Self and Emotional Code (releasing of trapped emotions) for only 200€!


4th Package:

Counselling Psychology & Dramatherapy & Family Constellation Groups for only 100€/4sessions per person! 


5th Package: 

Not feeling quite satisfied with these packages? Tell us your preferences to create your own based on your personal needs. Take a look at our website to find out what you would be interested in and contact us directly by phone.