Connecting to the true self sessions

Connecting to the true self

If the inner self is different from the way the person acts all the time, why is the inner one the “true” self?” The answer lies in the fact that the inner self remains protected from the influences of the social environment and that by discovering it we return to the source and come in contact with the deepest levels of our existence.


Through our sessions, we learn to act following our heart and leave the “ego” behind. In this way, we can go back to the existential source and discover the deep sense of fullness. These consultations lead to the activation of bliss, self-esteem, creativity and abundance, resulting in you being flooded with a wonderful sense of compassion and love for yourself and for the whole world.


In everyday life, your consciousness will be strengthened, you will be able to perceive your personal issues by a different way of thinking and make the right decisions. You will be able to easily express your desires, thoughts and feelings in a simple way on both small and important issues. Your faith will show you the way to reach true love and light and descover your internal power. Therefore, by following the path which leads to the true self you will be able to experience the feeling of complete fullness and happiness on an emotional and psychological level.

"Questioning the world, reaching the internal light and embraching the true self"