Detoxification sessions


A complete cleansing procedure and an experience that can change your life! The combination of
specific ingredients brings about the best result possible under my supervision.


The Program includes 4 juices a day which will be made using a juicer and biological products,
depending on the needs of each individual. Fruit-juices, vegetable-juices and Super foods keep all
their oxygen, thus contributing to the cleansing, regeneration, healthiness and strengthening of
your body. It can also offer support to individuals who are in a process of recovery or who feel they
have low energy and vitality. Thus, depending on his needs, the individual can come and get the
special juices from us or can have the juices sent to him.


The duration of the Program ranges between 3, 5, 7 or 14 days. Someone may wish to drink two
such juices and I can give him a program that he can follow himself. Even drinking one of these
juices a day can make a great difference. One may wish to have blood tests before and after the
detoxification program in order to see the results. Try this program, it is worth it.



My personal experience

I’ve been working for years with detoxification as a treatment method and have travelled abroad
to examine the techniques and to learn how to best implement them.
I went ,in 2008, to Portugal, to the Clinical Centre of Bio-Regulative Medicine to gain practical
knowledge of the detoxifying processes and of how they work on humans. I myself went through
several detoxification programs. The whole process lasted for a year and a half. There I learned
many things about how the human body works and how it can emit toxins at all levels by using
special juices, special vitamin recipes and a specific parasite produced from the bark of the fruit of
the black walnut.
In addition to this experience, I have done a 40-day liver detoxification twice, drinking only fruit
and vegetable juices and many times during those seven days I did the corresponding liver
detoxification. So I mastered the entire process of the elimination of the toxic load that I will share
with you in July.

The way to decode the messages that our system gives us is perhaps the most important thing we
will learn.
The toxins affect our system not only biologically, but also emotionally and energetically. Anger,
for example, is stored mostly in the liver.
So it is not enough, in my opinion, to detoxify the physical body. This needs to be accompanied by
a set of energy practices, such as meditation, individual sessions, Tachyon, Yoga, Sharing, Deep
Relaxation, the healing Power of Water. The combination of treatments is what will give us a safe
and complete result of catharsis and will re-start our health.



“an experience that can change your life”
Concious detoxification: 10 reasons to do it

1. Remove toxins from your body.
Long-term exposure to toxins – environmental pollutants, carcinogenic chemicals,
preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial waste – affects our metabolism,
our behaviour, the immune system and leads to disease. These are stored in tissues and
cells throughout the body, including the brain, often for years!
2. Prevention of chronic diseases.
Environmental toxins are responsible for many cancers, neurological diseases, heart
disease, strokes… Our bodies have a built-in detoxifying function to deal with these
dangers, but these systems are constantly overloaded! Detoxification helps and improves
what the body is trying to do naturally.
3. Enhance immune function.
A weakened immune system makes us vulnerable to colds and flues that affect our quality
of life and productivity. Regular detoxification helps boost the immune system and fight
4. Lose weight.
Toxins affect the body’s natural ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain. Diabetes, heart
disease, and high blood pressure are directly related to weight issues. Detoxification frees
the body of toxins stored in fat cells and increases the metabolism.
5. Avoid premature aging.
Detoxification rids the body of free radicals and heavy metals that are partly responsible
for aging. Detoxification helps to increase the absorption of nutrients such as antioxidants
and vitamins that help fight oxidative stress.
6. Improve the quality of your life.
In simple words, our body does not work very well when it is loaded with toxins. We
may have joint pain, headaches, digestive disorders, sleep problems and a lack of energy.
Depression may subside and our memory improve as a result of detoxification!
7. Increase energy.
You will have more mental, physical and emotional energy after detoxification. People
tend to sleep better and need less sleep.
8. Improve the quality of your skin.
Nutrition and environmental toxins arguably affect the skin. Detoxing improves acne,
strengthens hair and nails and gives a natural, healthy glow.
9. Mental and emotional clarity.
When body systems are aligned, a change occurs, mental and emotional constitution. We
can deal with more when we are clear and grounded. We can arrive at better decisions,
analyze accurately and see things differently.
10. Restoring balance to our body systems.
Digestive, nervous and hormonal systems are designed to work together to achieve optimal
health. That’s what the body wants! When we overload it with toxins and unhealthy foods,
these systems do not work as well as they should and we get sick.

All programs (7 or 14 day options) include:

• Accommodation.
• Nutrition. We will not eat, we’ll only drink! Special veggie juices with the best materials
for the general cleansing of the system. The Super Foods will bring about wellness
and will benefit your body.. We use special juicers that keep oxygen in fruits and
vegetables for best results.
• Personal Session. Every second day Kiya will conduct Energy Therapy to every
participant individually with Tachyon, Crystals, Shamanics and Reiki.
• Advisory and sharing among members of the group.
• Daily morning and evening meditation.
• Daily skin-flaking that helps to improve blood circulation and facilitates the passage
of toxins from the lymphatic system. A special Indian recipe.
• Very simple energy techniques for direct stimulation of bodily functions.
• Dance. One hour daily under the guidance of an energy coordinator.
• Swimming in the sea.

Tips for detox preparation

When you enrol, you will be informed of the menu of the week of preparation. Many of the
elements that I will ask you to purchase you will find in organic food stores and grocery
stores. If you can not buy organic, it is good to at least use vinegar for washing vegetables
(putting them in water for 20 minutes).
1) Make a change in your eating habits – not only for the period of detoxification, but in
general if you can. For seven days before your detoxification with me try to avoid: alcohol,
sugar, dairy, wheat, artificial sweeteners, fried, fatty, canned and fast food, cut meat and
poultry and increase your consumption of salads and raw or cooked vegetables. It would
also be advisable that you remove any food or drinks that will tempt you during your
2) Avoid caffeine. If you drink caffeinated beverages on a regular basis you may experience
headaches, fatigue and other symptoms of withdrawal from caffeine. A tip on how to
prevent it: Reduce caffeine intake gradually before starting the diet. For example, try a
cup of coffee that consists of 75% regular coffee and 25% decaf. Gradually decrease the
percentage of regular coffee until you feel ready to remove it completely.
3) Drink plenty of water. Your body needs plenty of water during a detox diet. Drinking
plenty of water keeps you hydrated and can help to flush out toxins, so be sure to drink
at least eight glasses of filtered water daily. Also, try warm filtered water with lemon in
the morning.
4) Know what not to cut. Do not stop taking any medication prescribed during detoxification.
Stopping certain medications can have serious consequences for your health.
5) For smokers it is a very good opportunity to quit smoking.
6) I have recorded 3 CD’s which meditations that can help you be prepared: the first contains
a trance meditation for an out of body experience to make room for the body to heal
itself… The second CD provides information on each energy center (chakra) to recharge
the cells and balance the system… The third CD is all about light and energy. Created
to bring re-charging and connection with the Divine Essence. It is best to listen to them
before bedtime in order to send positive messages to our cells.