1st & 2nd Degrees Reiki Workshops

“The Universe Responds to Your Frequency.
It doesnt Recognize Your Personal Desires, Wants or Needs.
It Only Understands the Frequency in Which You are Vibrating.
For Example, if You are Vibrating in the Frequency of Fear, Guilt or Shame, You are Going to Attract things of a Similar Vibration to Support that Frequency.
If You are Vibrating in the Frequency of Love, Joy and Abundance then You Will Attract things to Support that Frequency.
Its Like Tuning into a Radio Station.
You Have to Be “Tuned Into” the Radio Station You Want to Listen to Just Like You Have to Be Tuned into the Energy You Want to Manifest in Your Life.” Jake Woodard
Come and join me on the 2nd & 3rd of April 2022 for the 1st Degree to understand source energy in your physical, emotional and mind body!