Bioenergetic Electro-Acupuncture & Massage

Bioenergetic Electro-Acupuncture & Massage

Perfectly combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine teachings with the meridians and internal organs, with the latest advances in modern science in areas such as bioinformatics, bioenergy and neurology.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, it simulates the effects of natural remedies and traditional Chinese medicine techniques such as:

* Acupuncture

* Gua Sha and Tui Na Massage

* Moxibustion

* Vacuum treatment.

It immediately releases the meridians, improves blood circulation, increases body energy and restores the Yin-Yang balance of the internal organs.

The meridians provide a fast and tangible physiotherapeutic effect through a direct effect on biological energy points.

It can be used to prevent and treat illnesses, and to maintain good health.

It is the perfect combination of traditional Eastern medicine techniques and modern scientific developments.

The device includes special gloves that allow the biologically active points to be stimulated in the right direction so that the meridians can be cleaned quickly, improve blood circulation and Chi circulation, remove stagnation of blood and pathogens. body, eliminating pain and restoring Yin-Yang balance in the internal organs.

The device combines traditional Chinese medicine and modern science techniques in the fields of bioinformatics, bioenergy and neurology.

The principle of its action is based on teachings about the merits of traditional Chinese medicine, a key aspect of which is the expression:

“Where there is an obstacle, there is pain.”

Obstacles refer to a disorder of the Chi (bioenergetic) and blood circulation, which causes congestion and pain.

“The meridians determine life and death and regulate the empty and the full, so they must not be closed.”

The meridians are the lines of life.

They connect the 5 tight and 6 concave organs to the extremities of the body and play a key role in traditional Chinese medicine and healing techniques.

Main functions:


• Eliminate toxins and purify the blood.

• Improve blood circulation.

• Accelerate metabolism.

• Increased cellular activity.

• Strengthening the immune system.

• Increase the body’s ability to self-heal.

• Reduction of edema.

• Eliminate pain.

• Strengthen bones and muscles.

• Regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

• Improving sleep quality.

• Regulation of the endocrine system.

• Correction and restoration of aesthetic body & face.

• Cleaning the meridians.

• Eliminate blood stagnation.




• Diseases of the cervical and lumbar spine.

• Diseases of the joints.

Shoulder periarthritis.

• Articulation of the cervix.

• Pain in the lower back and hips.

• Hypertension.

• Bruises.

• Damage to soft tissues.

• Rheumatoid arthritis.

• Foot rashes etc.

• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach and intestines.

• Lack of appetite.

• Chronic gastritis.

• Chronic colitis.

• Constipation.

• Chronic diarrhea.

• Hemorrhoids.

• Nervous system diseases.

• Hysteria.

• Nervous exhaustion.

• Dizziness.

• Tinnitus.

• Gynecological and urological diseases.

• Chronic prostatitis.

• Chronic prostate hyperplasia.

• Menstrual pain.

• Amenorrhea.

• Pelvic inflammatory disease.

• Adnexitis.

• Menopause Syndrome.

• Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

• Hypertension.

• Hyperlipaemia.

• Diabetes.

• Complications after brain disorders.

• Various ischemic diseases or anemia.

• Skin irritation.

• Fatigue.


What a session can do:


• Removal of pathogens (air – water, cold – hot).

• Equals 10 sessions of massage.

• Equivalent to 45΄ lymphatic detoxification.

• Equivalent to 1 hour of cleansing of the whole body’s energy channels.

• Fat burning. Equivalent to 6km walking.

• Equals 3 hydration processes throughout the body.

• Equivalent to anion absorption (negative ions), for 3 hours.

• Equals 500 bends.

• Equals 36 million times cell movement.

• Equivalent to the removal of 4.1 g. toxins from the internal organs.