Female-Male in Harmony

Female-Male in Harmony

In our everyday life, in our relationships with other people, we are often under the illusion that
there is somebody out there that we will give us a sense of wholeness and happiness. However,
the key is inside us.
In this experiential seminar we come in contact with our true self in such a way that allows us
to discover the age of the male and the female part of us. Thus, we become aware of ways in
which we can develop as individuals and come into true connection-harmony-balance of the true
qualities of our male and female energy.
Through techniques of communication and out of body – trance meditation, we go deep into our
memory, become aware of, transform and live in the present and the near future as we truly are,
thus, bringing forth our Truth.
This seminar is suitable for all, but mostly for those wishing to work on their relationships as
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“We will discover the age of the male and the female part of us”
Testimonial by our beloved pupil

All the love that gave birth to us, that brought us to this earth, to this wonderful place and
led to our incarnation, all this love that lives in our cells, is the gift of meditation. Broadening,
connection, opening, the qualities of that atmosphere. And an enormous sense of gratitude
for everything that is. Thank you…

Maria Theodoridou