Weekend meditation

Weekend Meditation

Meditation techniques

There are many meditative methods that require someone to be seated or lying and quiet. But for most of us the stress it has in the mind-body makes it difficult. We need to get rid of our tensions before trying to get in touch with our inner world. Osho’s energy meditations have been designed in a scientific way in order to enable us to consciously express our oppressed feelings and to learn to observe the patterns of our habits in a new way.



Some of these techniques are:
-Dynamic meditation
-Advertising Nataraj (dancing)
-Drafting Nantambrama
-Graissankar report
-No mind and more …


Meditation techniques developed by Karolina Arkali:
-Great relaxation
These techniques help in the purification and reprogramming of our beliefs.


The PINEAL Gland: Coordinate the higher dimensions of time and space

If one can sit with eyes closed during meditation and have a significant increase
aesthetic experience without their senses, raises the question: What happens in the brain
explains this supernatural effect?
When your epiphytic gland (or third eye) wakes up because it gets higher frequencies,
these higher energies change the melatonin chemistry. The higher the frequency, the higher
the change. It’s this translation of information into chemistry that prepares you for the
transcendental, mystical moments. Now you are opening the door to higher dimensions of the space
and time.
That’s why I like to call the pineal gland an alchemist – because it transforms melatonin to some
very deep radical neurotransmitters. As you connect to deeper levels of the unified field,
the brain is triggered by a greater energy that transfers specific information in the form of thoughts and
pictures. This is the moment the brain and the body receive a biological upgrading.
Peptide cleansing is useful for those who wish to develop their multidimensional
The brain gland will naturally make its own DMT when it is fully functional and we can
theν remain in a visionary state most of the time.
An awakened brain gland brings the ability to consciously travel stellar, explore other dimensions,
foresee the future and receive communications from beings who love the dimensions.
DMT is a component of Ayahuasca – an Amazonian herbal medicine that has deep
physical and cardiac healing through its cleansing effects and the perception of other dimensions.
Those using this drug go into a “working” period where the issues come to awareness and can
be cured with the knowledge derived from the DMT consciousness.
The advantage of purifying our pineal gland, to make its own DMT, is that we can be
in a constant state of spiritual “labor” without having to consume
So we no longer need any medicine as a supplement to our spiritual life. DMT is an absolutely natural
substance that will be produced and distributed to the human body when in a healing state.
Thus, it seems that human beings were meant to be visionary beings and be able to make use of the
information of other dimensions. This discreet perception surpasses the ego and quickly
heals our sufferings, our conflicts and so the karmas.

"Connecting to your true self with guidance"
What is Meditation?

Meditation begins by being separate from your mind, being an observer.
That is the only way to get yourself out of anything.
If you look at the light, of course one thing is certain, you are not the light. You are the one who looks at it.

Observation is the key to meditation.

Observe your mind, just observe what the mind does.
Do not bother him, do not repress him, do nothing.
Just be an observer and the miracle of observation is meditation.
As you notice, slowly the mind is empty of thoughts but you do not fall asleep, you get more vigilance,
more aware. </ p>
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This flame is the result of meditation. So you can say that meditation is another name for her
observation, without judging and evaluating.
Most of us are headed for most of the time, we are dominated by our thoughts or feelings, and we think we are these thoughts or feelings.
Meditation is the state of simple existence, simple living, without any interference from the body or mind. Is
physical state we have forgotten to approach.

Just by observing, you immediately leave the mind …

Other types of meditation

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