Weekly Tuesday Meditation at 7pm

Weekly Tuesday Meditation at 7pm

In these weekly meditations we will be working with the chakra system starting from the 1st up to the 7th. Every week we will be connecting and healing with each one.

Tuesdays at 7pm, in person or online. Inbox me on facebook or e-mail directly for details.


Meditation techniques


In order to connect with the Source and draw universal pure energy to transform us, we need to open and be receptive in the body. Therefore, I use various meditation techniques such as tapping, breathwork, dancing, shaking, gibberish, moving the body, and anything that the body needs at that specific moment. I work also with hypnosis and the reprogramming of the belief system. I tune into the energy of the group in order to listen which technique is required on that day to connect deeper. Once we are connected, we are receptive to Source and its transforming energy, thus the healing has begun.

What is Meditation?

Meditation begins by being separate from your mind, being an observer.
That is the only way to get yourself out of anything.
If you look at the light, of course one thing is certain, you are not the light. You are the one who looks at it.

Observation is the key to meditation.

Observe your mind, just observe what the mind does.
Do not bother him, do not repress him, do nothing.
Just be an observer and the miracle of observation is meditation.
As you notice, slowly the mind is empty of thoughts but you do not fall asleep, you get more vigilance,
more aware.

This flame is the result of meditation. So you can say that meditation is another name for her
observation, without judging and evaluating.
Most of us are headed for most of the time, we are dominated by our thoughts or feelings, and we think we are these thoughts or feelings.
Meditation is the state of simple existence, simple living, without any interference from the body or mind. It’s the physical state we have forgotten to approach.

Just by observing, you immediately leave the mind …

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